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Avantsa Creamery

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Avantsa Creamery

We all are likely to eat and taste ice-cream, with no matter of age and climate. And most of the people really don’t know, how the real taste and ingredients were used in making of ice-cream and its flavours.

Many of us think that ice-cream is completely a vegetarian product, even I do believe the same. But, came to realization that most of ice-creams were made out of a fatty acid which is derived from animal fats, known as capric acid or decanoic acid. Another animal-derived ingredient which is used as gelatin.

So, after being vegetarian for 16 years and non-vegetarian for 16 years of my life, I realized that I’m much healthier when I change my food and diet to plant based. Eating the meat cooked out of animals or drinking their milk might gives us strength, but you should come to know that we are harming the animals for no reason, but just to enjoy the taste. It is so cruel to take the life span of animals, just to create a taste for food. So decided to stop that being of cruelty and to start a complete plant-based food which adds natural flavours.

A portion of your purchase on this will help to enhance and make good things.

If we take a small step forward and stop the dairy consumption, which is causing a huge damage for the environment i.e., unnoticed.

I was a pastry chef before and worked at various five-star hotels in India and Abroad, almost for 12 years. I use to work with eggs, milk, cheese, dairy products and even meat. After knowing the pain and agony that is causing to the animals, just for taste is injustice. So, I’ve decided to start a new living in a taste of food, where no animal is being hurt and affected.

“This is how our journey has begun towards Vegan Gelatos.”

Ice-cream without dairy milk
& how’re these ice-creams made?

Vegan foods” are nothing but whatever product it is, a complete plant-based and made without any animal products. All our ice-creams are made with Coconut milk, Almond milk, Cashew milk, Hemp milk and Rice milk. To reduce dairy consumption, animal exploitation and increase agriculture land by crops which are beneficial for soil, we are concerned about health and well being of all life on this planet.

We only use seasonal fruits which are available in those particular season and climate. There is a lot more benefit for health and soil if we consume seasonally grown fruits and vegetables grown in those particular environment conditions.

There are many vegan ice-cream choices that have less saturated fat than dairy ice-creams. As a result, plant-based ice-cream supports healthier cholesterol levels compared to frozen desserts with cow’s milk and cream.

Gelato” offers less calories, less sugar and lower fat content as per serving the ice-cream. The typical 3.5 oz. serving of vanilla gelato contains 90 calories and 3 grams of fat, compared to 125 calories and 7 grams of fat in the average vanilla ice cream.

And now we all have that question, what are these ice-creams called?

These are called Vegan Gelatos or even simply Vegan Ice-creams. Here, Gelato and Ice-cream contain cream, milk and sugar, there are differences as well. Authentic Gelato uses more milk and less cream than ice-cream which generally use egg yolks, which is common ingredient in ice-cream.

So here, we explore a brand called Avantsa Creamery.  We process Ice-cream without dairy milk but with the same taste and punch of the ice-cream, as we don’t disappoint your taste looking for the ice-cream. We love to engage with the customers with the same flavor of taste.

We try to give the same texture and smoothness which is available on regular brands of ice-cream. As, this is completely plant-based, we take extra care and measures in providing the same taste of ice-creams.

Our vision

How much are we earning is not we are seeking, creating awarness is what we are doing here.


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