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  Without Milk      Ice Cream

We are pioneers in INDIA who use hemp in the process of making ice creams.

Avantsa Creamery

The Goodness of Plant Based Milk Gelato.
We use all Natural Ingredients used from Natures Finest Produce.

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We process Ice-cream without dairy milk but with the same taste and punch of the ice-cream, as we don’t disappoint your taste looking for the ice-cream. We love to engage with the customers with the same flavor of taste.

Our Specials

Quality Vegan Ice-creams.

All our products are made from plant Based milks. And are 100% dairy free. We extract milk directly from raw ingredients. We do not use any packaged milks.

Coconut milk

Almond milk, Cashew milk

Hemp milk & Rice milk


Or call us 98215 01566

Our Products

Our Mission

Every Life has the right to Live Freely

Introducing Animal Cruelty Free Products for a better and healthy lifestyle using plant based Ingredients.

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Our Motto

Giving back more to Mother Nature from what we have taken.

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Avantsa Creamery

Door no 3, 120, Ganganagar, Vakalapudi, Kakinada, AP 533005

98215 01566

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